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Case studies

Exapaniderm has been used in the successful treatment of large and small animals. Case studies that include comprehensive image records of before and after treatment are available below.

Small animals

Dog - Hind limb (large non-neoplastic mass)

A six-year-old female neutered Bordeaux, presented with a large mass on the right hind lateral stifle area. Cytology was performed and the mass came back as non-neoplastic.

Dog - Fore limb (soft tissue sarcoma)

Seven-year-old, female American Pitbull cross, soft tissue sarcoma on left forelimb, approx. 1.3cm in diameter. Two 25mm fast (2 week expansion) expanders used.

Dog - Hind limb (tarsal fixation plate exposed)

Seven-year-old female, neutered, mixed breed dog. In 2013 the dog was involved in a road traffic accident. The left hock was fractured in multiple places and the joint was arthrodesed.

Dog - Muzzle (Mast cell tumour)

Male Neutered Greyhound. Mast cell tumour on dorsal and left lateral aspect of juction of nasal planum and muzzle. Approx 4cm x 5cm. 2x25mm fast (2 week) expanders and 2x18mm fast expanders placed caudal and bi-lateraly to mass.


Horse - Sinocutaneous fistula

The horse had under gone sinoscopy of the right frontal sinus in 2011 for a persistent right sided nasal discharge. A trephine hole was made at the time and the skin sutured over to cover the defect.

Horse - Benign melanoma (right eye)

Four-year-old, grey, mare presented with an 8cm diameter mass of the supraorbital fossa above the left eye. The mass was diagnosed as a benign melanoma by a punch biopsy.

Horse - Perineal laceration

Eleven-year-old, trotter, maiden mare. Foaled May 14th 2014 – third-degree perineal laceration at time of foaling. Two attempts to reconstruct the deficit broken down due to excessive tension on the reconstruction.